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EARKProject Nur noch eine Woche bis zum Workshop E-ARK / eArchiving Building Block in Berlin. Begleiten Sie uns am 25. April!… https://t.co/pxWcoUjkdZ
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EARKProject RT @BinkertElise: How to make sure crucial information gathered into old systems remains available through modern technologies? Learn more…
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EARKProject The programme for the #eArchiving #Geopreservation conference has now been updated. Visit https://t.co/HNyhutSLcj t… https://t.co/Ep6kI8ytMR
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EARKProject Besuchen Sie uns am 25. April in Berlin, um mehr über die #eArchiving-Spezifikationen zu erfahren!… https://t.co/HK5TPwUSdY
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EARKProject RT @Preservica: "The E-ARK project has seen us experiment with a lot of specifications and really achieve a lot" says Istvan from the team…
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Our Story: The University of Brighton

The University of Brighton team represents a vibrant community of experts in their field who are passionate about, and actively engaged in, world-leading Research and Development, regularly receiving peer recognition e.g., for their “outstanding contribution to research and innovation in digital preservation in the last 2 years” (http://bit.ly/2l0HUwp) arising from their work on the TOTEM technical registry from the EU-funded Keeping Emulation Environments Portable (KEEP) project. In particular, the team has an established reputation for work in the curation and preservation of complex objects such as 3D renditions of cultural artefacts, as well as in data warehousing, database archiving, and data mining. The team has a strong reputation for coordinating EU-funded projects (Planets, 3D COFORM, EPOCH) and the JISC-funded POCOS project, and also for the dissemination of Research and Development results.

The University of Brighton supports product development, project management, and international research excellence in Digital Curation of Cultural Heritage, especially socio-economic impact analysis and legal issues. We are a member of the UK EPSRC SEAHA CDT Consortium. We have a very strong focus on grass roots research and development that is based on working closely with industry. Specific experience includes: Chairmanship of the Best Practice User Group for the UK Cabinet Office’s Project, Programme and Risk Management Methodologies; Membership of the Examining Board for the UK Office of Government Commerce’s Professional Project, Programme and Risk Management Qualifications; Membership of ICOMOS UK Digital Heritage Committee, Collaborations across the UK and Europe, through the DLM Forum and the Digital Preservation Coalition; and with the EU Cultural Heritage and Technology Enhanced Learning Units, to develop the future research priorities within the digital preservation agenda.

With this background in coordination and dissemination, as well as in leading technical Research and Development into digital preservation, we were very keen to take a leading role in E-ARK, contributing to all these aspects. We coordinate E-ARK, and we lead the Dissemination work, together with the DLM Forum and the DPC. We contribute heavily to many technical aspects, including the Information Package specifications; archiving data warehouses; and the SIARD database archiving standard, to name but a few, and these are all activities that we will continue to develop in our future Research and Development.

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