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pdf Archiving challenges at Novo Noridsk Popular

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00_Novo Nordisk.pdf

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company. In this presentation, Torben Juul considers some of the archiving challenges presented in this environment.

pdf Data Protection and Legal Issues in the EC Popular

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02_Data Protection and Legal Issues in EC.pdf

A presentation to the DLM Members' Meeting by Professor David Anderson on the implications of Data Protection and Copyright legislation within the EC. This presentation is based on work undertaken by the E-ARK Project

pdf The benefits of database preservation using SIARD v.2 Popular

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A presentation by Dr Krystyna Ohnesorge and colleagues from the Swiss Federal Archives on the use of the new SIARD version 2.0

pdf The E-ARK Common Data Specification Popular

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101_E-ARK Archival Data Structures.pdf

A presentation about the Information Package formats being developed by the E-ARK Project and the Integrated Prototype.

pdf The E-ARK Records Management Maturity Model Popular

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102_E-ARK Maturity Model.pdf

A presentation by the Records Management Maturity Model being developed by the E-ARK Project. For more information, please refer to Deliverable D7.2 in the E-ARK Project.

pdf The EC E-ARK Project - Update Popular

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100_E-ARK Progress Report.pdf

An update on the progress achieved by the E-ARK Project presented by members of the Project's Management Team

pdf The EC Hermes Project Popular

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04_EC Hermes Project.pdf

A presentation on the European Commission's own Hermes long-term digital preservation and archiving project.

pdf The EC's Publications Office Popular

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06_EU Publications Office.pdf

A presentation by Yvo Volman about the work of the EU's Publications Office to preserve its digital data

pdf The EU's Open Data Portal Popular

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05_EU Open Data Portal.pdf

A presentation on the EU's Open Data Portal Initiative

pdf The Way to a Governmental E-Archiving Solution Popular

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07_Governmental e-archiving solution.pdf

A presentation by Karin Bredenberg of the National Archives of Sweden on the national project to develop an e-archiving solution.

pdf Update on MoReq2010 Popular

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01_MoReq2010 Update to DLM.pdf

An update on progress of the work to create the new MoReq2010 Standard

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