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The European Commission's Year 3 Review of the E-ARK Project has rated it as "Excellent" and have described it in their initial feedback as a "A European Showcase Project".

At the end of the Final (Year 3) Review of the E-ARK Project, the Expert Review Panel were highly complimentary of our work.

The project made excellent progress in its last year. The level of commitment among the partners is very high, the collaboration is excellent and the administrative and scientific management and coordination were very very efficient.

The WP s are very well aligned. Such collaboration and alignment are very good indicators of future sustainability. It was not just development but also very rigorous development and measuring of results. A very ambitious goal was achieved and even exceeded. A very different set of pilots was used and evaluated in accordance to their measurement method. As a result of this the project is able to give a strong evidence of impact and quantifiable benefits – cost savings.

The results are already used, practical and in application and the value for money is very evident. The international dimension of the results is clear in the pilot conducted in the US which shows that the project reached outside Europe already. Different alternatives were evaluated to find the really best solution – it's a sign of evidence-based decision making process.

The Advisory Board has been a very good idea.

The Benefits Management has been a very useful approach and it's good to see that this approach will continue to track the long-term benefits. It's a good advocacy tool for the future.

The sustainability model is very good and it gives confidence that the project will continue to be developed and sustained.

E-ARK is a European showcase project – each partner contributed their strengths and assets and they were merged to really produce the impressive results of the project.

The final score is: excellent.

The Project will shortly publish its final summary report.

We are also seeking ways to continue to develop and promote our work. Keep checking out website for further updates.

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