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National Archives of Estonia (NAE)

What the Work Package did

The overall objective of this work package was to ensure that records and their metadata could be exported from source systems, prepared for transfer and ultimately transferred and ingested into archival repositories in a way which is efficient, reliable and applicable across all European countries.

The first stage was to gather information on current practice, methodologies and tools. This information was then be used to develop best practice and standardisation through the creation of:

  • A central methodology and model requirements for the export of records and their metadata, building largely on the acknowledged MoReq requirements;
  • A pan-European SIP format specification which provides sufficient standardisation for automated solutions, working with scenarios for archiving both individual records and full records systems, the initial version of which will be circulated among stakeholders for feedback before finalisation; and
  • SIP creator tools that are compatible with the new specification based on existing tools from ES Solutions and the Danish National Archives. Stakeholder feedback will also be important to the development of these tools.

Highlights to Date

  • SIP specification defined
  • SIP creation tools

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