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What the Work Package did

The overall objective of this work package was to ensure that the scenarios implemented at the pilot sites are both realistic and relevant. That is, that they brought together a meaningful subset at each site of the use cases that could provide the foundation for the general model of the E-ARK service. Use cases were defined for workflows across the record lifecycle and presented functional and non-functional requirements. The accompanying pilot scenarios defined the business and operational contexts against which the pilot will be evaluated. Both were defined in UML and plain language to allow ease of communication both within the project and with relevant stakeholders.

The following tasks were undertaken:

  • Definition of the general model and use cases with reference to the OAIS model. This included the common framework for the scenarios that was taken into account during the project as well as clearly defining the complex scenarios involved and ensuring that they are defined at the same conceptual level.
  • A comprehensive survey of the legal and organisational framework under which European records management, preservation and access takes place. This included key issues such as requirements for data protection, open government, seamless access, management of hybrid data and collaboration with agencies, with the hope of encouraging greater harmonisation in both understanding and approach.
  • Support for tool developers by providing necessary information including technical documentation and definitions of workflows.
  • Definition of the pilot scenarios including tools to be deployed and the level of activity required to bridge the gaps of currently existing solutions. In addition to the 7 full-scale pilots there were also shorter ‘stretch’ pilots and a ‘beta’ program to allow external validation.
  • Support and execution of the pilots was undertaken according to a methodological framework that specified the input/output points and the uniform principles to be applied across different areas to ensure comparable results.
  • Production of the final report on the pilot activities, listing resources used and providing an evaluation of the progress and final results against the project objectives and milestones.



  • General model for E-ARK services and pilots
  • Report on Legal Issues
  • E-ARK Pilots
  • Final recommendations for best practice

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