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Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

What the Work Package did

This work package defined an E-ARK Dissemination Information Package (E-ARK-DIP) format, and provided access methods and interfaces for structured and unstructured archival records. Referring to the OAIS reference model the consumer gets access to the information in the archive by using an access and presentation system. The consumer requests information from the archive by using the access system, which requests the database of the archive to retrieve the matching archival information packages (AIPs). These AIPs are disseminated by the system into Dissemination Information Package DIPs. These DIPs are used by the presentation system to present the contained information to the consumer.


  • HDFS storage service 
  • MapReduce ingest workflow 
  • Faceted search interface 
  • Access interface 
  • Web User Interface 
  • Cluster installation at NAH
  • Data mining showcase 
  • Benchmark results 

Public Deliverables

Conference Papers/Publications

  • Delve J., Aas, K, Schmidt R., Database Archiving in the E-ARK Project (presentation), Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group Meeting, Karlsruhe, Germany, 17 September, 2014.
  • Aas, K, Delve J., Schmidt R., Long-term access to databases the meaningful way, DLM Forum Triennial Conference 2014, Lisbon, Portugal, November 10-14, 2014.
  • Schmidt R., Data Valorisation and the Application of Big Data Techniques in Archives (presentation), E-ARK Advisory Board Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, November 10-14, 2014.

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