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folder E-ARK Presentations Final Conference

The following presentations were given at the E-ARK Final Conference in Budapest, 10 - 12 December 2016.


pdf Day 1 1.Introduction to the E-ARK Project Popular

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Download (pdf, 581 KB)

01-Introduction to E-Ark Project - Clive Billenness.pdf

Background presentation on E-ARK Project

pdf Day 1 2.Keynote Presentation by Alina Senn Popular

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Download (pdf, 5.04 MB)

02-E Ark Keynote Budapest - Alina Senn.pdf

Enabling 21st Century Archives - A Keynote Presentation by Alina Senn, EC Project Officer for the E-ARK Project

pdf Day 1 3.The E-ARK General Model Popular

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Download (pdf, 300 KB)

03-E-Ark - General Model 2.2 v2.pdf

An introduction to the E-ARK General Model

pdf Day 1 4.Background to the E-ARK Pilots Popular

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Download (pdf, 4.52 MB)

04-E-Ark Final Conference - Background to the E-ARK Pilots.pdf

Background to the E-ARK Project Pilots

pdf Day 1 5.An External Evaluation of E-ARK Popular

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Download (pdf, 298 KB)

05-E-Ark Final Conference - External evaluation by NARA.pdf

The US National Archives and Records Administration conducted an independent pilot deployment of the Swiss SIARD tool. In this presentation, Senior Archivist Brett Abrams reviews this pilot

pdf Day 1 6.Measuring the Impact of E-ARK Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.41 MB)

06-E-Ark Measuring Impact - Janet Delve.pdf

A key element of the E-ARK Project was a detailed evaluation of the impact of our pilots on the organisations which undertook them. In this presentation, Project Scientific Co-Ordinator, Professor Janet Delve, reports on the outcomes of this evaluation.

pdf Day 1 7.The E-Ark Knowledge Centre Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.30 MB)

07-E-Ark Knowledge Centre Ricardo Vieira.pdf

One of the long-term outputs of the E-Ark Project is a Knowledge Centre which will continue to amass the wealth of information already gathered during the project in order to improve Information Governance practices. This presentation explains the work undertaken.

pdf Day 1 8.The Importance of Standards Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.00 MB)

08-E-Ark Standards - Angela Dappert.pdf

This presentation by Dr Angela Dappert of the British Library considers the importance of the application of standards in Digital Preservation and Archiving.

pdf Day 1 9.Sustaining the E-Ark Project beyond its completion Popular

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Download (pdf, 640 KB)

09-Sustaining E-Ark beyond the end of the project - Clive Billenness.pdf

This presentation by Clive Billenness, E-Ark Project Manager, provides details of how the outcomes of the project will be sustained and continue to be developed once the Project finishes on 31 January 2017.

pdf Day 2 1.Legal Research by E-Ark Popular

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Download (pdf, 330 KB)

10 - E-Ark Budapest 2016 Legal Talk.pdf

One of the areas of research undertaken by the E-Ark Project has been into the legal considerations of electronic archiving. This presentation by Professor David Anderson of Brighton University summarises our work to date.

pdf Day 2 2.The E-Ark Common Specification Popular

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Download (pdf, 581 KB)

11. E-Ark Common Specification.pdf

The E-Ark Project have created a Common Specification for all its Information Packages. This explains how the Common Specification is applied

pdf Day 2 3.Introduction to ESSArch within E-ARK Popular

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E-Ark Partner ES Solutions introduce their work on ESSArch

pdf Day 2 4 Using E-Ark to preserve relational databases in Hungary Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.81 MB)

13. E-Ark Hungary Use Case.pdf

This presentation explains how the E-Ark tools have been applied to preserve relational databases in Hungary.

pdf Day 2 5. The use of SIARD in E-Ark Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.53 MB)

14. SIARD (CH).pdf

The E-Ark Project have worked closely with the Swiss Federal Archives in the use of the SIARD Relational Database Archiving Tool. This presentation by Dr. Krystyna Ohnesorge describes this tool.

pdf Day 2 6.Managing the retrieval of archived data using Magenta tools Popular

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Download (pdf, 989 KB)

15. Search and Order Management - Magenta.pdf

E-Ark Partner Magenta Systems present their work on Search & Order Management and Access

pdf Day 2 7.The SMURF Specification for ERMS Archiving Popular

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Download (pdf, 263 KB)

16. SMURF Specification for ERMS Archiving.pdf

This presentation by E-ARK Partner the National Archives of Estonia describes how the Semantically Marked-Up Records
Format (SMURF) for Electronic Records Management Systems has been integrated into the work undertaken by E-Ark.

pdf Day 2 8.The E-Ark Data Mining Showcase Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.14 MB)

17. Data Mining Showcase.pdf

This presentation by Professors Janet Delve and Richard Healey considers the issues relating to Data Warehousing.

pdf Day 2 9.Lessons learned from E-Ark Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.75 MB)

18. What we learned from EARK.pdf

Conference host, Zoltán Szatucsek of the National Archives of Hungary, describes what they have learned through participation in the E-Ark Project.

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