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Presentations given by E-ARK team members at various events during 2015 and 2016


document An Introduction to SIP Challenges Popular

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A presentation given by Tarvo Kärberg of the National Archives of Estonia addressing the current problems in managing the ingest of SIPs and the improvements which will be brought by the E-ARK approach.


Tarvo Kärberg

pdf E-ARK - Implications of EC Data Protection Reform Popular

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A presentation by Professor David Anderson of the University of Portsmouth to the INFuture Conference in Zagreb in November 2015 concerning the implications of reforms in EC Data Protection Legislation for organisations concerned with the archiving of digital data. There are a large number of areas where the reforms will affect working practices of digital archivists. This presentation presents an overview.

document The E-ARK Maturity Model - An Introduction Popular

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INFuture 2015 workshop slides.pptx

An introduction to the E-ARK Archiving Maturity Model (Deliverable D7.2) presented to the delegates of the INFuture 2015 Conference held in Zagreb - November 2015. These slides give an overview of the E-ARK Program and then the approach and outcomes to the first deployments of the Maturity Model within the sites where the E-ARK Pilots will be carried out.

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