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E-ARK project improving methods for digital archiving across the European archives domain

The E-ARK Project organized its final conference followed by workshops in Budapest, in the National Archives of Hungary on 6-8 December 2016.

The E-ARK Project is closely watched by many organizations in the world which are concerned with preserving their records in an efficient and reliable way. The conference gathered many guests, including a representative of NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) in the US, a representative of UNESCO at the World Meteorological Office in Geneva and a representative of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

The project teams presented a set of tools developed during the project and tested in several pilots across Europe. They focused on providing simple, efficient access to the workflows for the three main activities of an archive - acquiring, preserving and enabling re-use of information. The conference also highlighted insights from E-ARK pilots and presented the project's maturity model. A special panel session with a number of industry experts was devoted to sustainability. During a signing ceremony several organizations committed to safeguarding and maintaining the outcomes of the project.

The Swiss Federal Archives – though not an official project partner – closely cooperated with E-ARK providing valuable expertise and inputs. Find more information about the project and its outcomes.

Streaming video from the at the European Commission is now available online.

The E-ARK project's recent Demo Day video includes an introduction to the project, presentations on the specifications that have been established and demonstrations of the tools and services that have been developed. The video will be of interest to anyone with the need for practical long-term digital record keeping solutions. 


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The presentations from the E-ARK Final Conference held in Budapest in December 2016 can be accessed at (click on hyperlink to go directly to the Presentations Folder)

A new version of the Common Specification for Information Packages was released on the 21st December 2016.

It is available for download at:


The E-ARK Project has issued licences for the long-term curation and development of its work

  license signing

Pictured from left to right - Dr Ross King (Open Preservation Foundation), Ricardo Vieira (DLM Forum), Sharon McMeekin (Digital Preservation Coalition), Professor Janet Delve (E-ARK Project Co-Ordinator, University of Brighton) and Zoltan Szatucek (DLM Forum) displaying the licences which will permit the continued development of the work of the E-ARK Project.

At its Closing Conference, held in Budapest in December 2016, the E-ARK Project issued Apache 2.0 licenses to a number of organisations associated with Digital Archiving and Preservation to ensure that the work of the Project will be sustained after the project ends on 31 January 2017.

From the outset of the project, all project partners were in agreement that all the outputs should be open and made as widely available as possible.

With the signing of these Apache 2.0 licences, Project Partner DLM Forum will work with its member organisations to continue development of the specifications of data formats produced by E-ARK. OPF, working with the project partners who created specifications and formats and who will continue to support them, will take over guardianship of software components produced in the project. Project Partner DPC will continue to inform and educate its member organisations about the work of the E-ARK Project to enable them to identify opportunities to improve their processes by the use of the Project's work.


The DLM Forum have announced the creation of a Digital Archiving Standards Board

E-ARK Partner DLM Forum have published the proposed arrangements for a Digital Archiving Standards Board (DAS) to continue the development of the standards created in the E-ARK Project and to support the development of other, related standards.

DAS will be led and supported by the membership of the DLM Forum, but will also invite contributions and participation from beyond its own membership.

A draft constitution for the Board has now been published and can be downloaded here.

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