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We are pleased to report that the European Commission have formally accepted our Year 2 work at the end of year review held in Luxembourg. We will now continue with our pilot deployments in Year 3.

The Summary Report of Year 2 of the E-ARK Project can be downloaded by clicking here.

This summarises the project's activities during the year at work package level.

As it enters its final year, the E-ARK Project has released 4 new deliverables, all of which are accessible for download from this site.

Details are as follows

  • D3.3 - E-ARK SIP Pilot Specification. This is an update to the draft specification which was previously released as D3.2. This document should be read in conjunction with D3.3 SMURF - the semantically marked up record format - Profile
  • D4.3 - E-ARK AIP Pilot Specification. It presents the E-ARK AIP format specification as it will be used by the pilots (implementations in pilot organizations). The deliverable is a follow-up version of E-ARK deliverable D4.2 “E-ARK AIP draft specification”.
  • D6.2 - E-ARK Integrated Platform Reference Implementation. This document describes a set of software components that have been developed in order to realize the EARK Integrated Platform Reference Implementation Prototype for storing, searching, and accessing E-ARK Information Packages on a scalable infrastructure.
  • D7.3 - E-ARK Prototype of the Knowledge Centre Service. This deliverable details the Knowledge Centre Prototype - an aggregator of services developed under the scope of the E-ARK Project and available at

These documents are all online on our website and are available for download from here.

WARNING - Owing to a known bug with the Google Chrome Browser, you may not be able to download our .PDF files with this software. We regret that this is outside our control.

The E-ARK Project have released 2 new deliverables:

D2.3 - Detailed Pilots Specification

As the project prepares to deploy its tools and services, this deliverable details the technical and other requirements for each of the pilot sites.

This report provides details of each pilot - both the 7 core pilots and a number of additional 'stretch' pilots that either extend scenarios in the main pilots or apply them in different contexts.

This document can be downloaded by clicking here


D8.1.3 - Project Communication Strategy - Year 3 Update

Each year, the E-ARK Project publishes an updated Communications Strategy, specifying the focus of its dissemination activities proposed for the coming year. This is the version covering the final year of the Project.

The document can be downloaded by clicking here

The E-ARK Project have released a Draft Common Specification for the Information Packages which will be used for our work with SIPs, AIPs and DIPs within our tools and services.

This document, which can be downloaded as .PDF file from here, is now published for public comment.

Google Chrome Users please note: there are reports that a bug on some versions of Chrome prevents the .PDF from downloading. Please right-click on the mouse and Save As.... to download the file. We apologise that this is outside our control.

If you would like to make any comments on this document, please send them by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by no later than Friday 26 February 2016 please.


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