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University of Brighton appointed E-ARK Project Co-Ordinator

With effect from 1 January 2016, the University of Brighton have taken over the role of Project Co-Ordinator from the University of Portsmouth.

This transfer of responsibility, which was unanimously approved by all the Project's partners, has arisen following the appointment of the Project's Scientific Co-Ordinator, Professor Janet Delve, to a new post as Professor of Digital Humanities in the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Brighton.

In order to ensure continuity, the key members of the Project Co-Ordination Team will also transfer to the University of Brighton. The University of Portsmouth will, however, continue to contribute to a number of workpackages within E-ARK.

Janet said "We are very grateful for the support that the University of Portsmouth gave to the process of defining and then initiating this project, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with our former colleagues, who will still be actively contributing to its success by their contributions to our work.

"The University of Brighton is experienced in both working in and co-ordinating European Projects, most recently the highly successful 3D-COFORM Project. We are all now greatly looking forward to taking over the co-ordination E-ARK, which is already achieving significant progress in its research, and bringing it to a successful conclusion in 2017".

The E-ARK project is pleased to announce the launch of a new competition to find images representing the main themes of their work. Winning images will be used by the project on their website and future promotional materials. An attribution to the originator will be shown as a watermark on all images we use. The copyright will remain with the originator.

The project welcomes entries that present visually interesting representations of the following themes:

  • Archives
  • Records Management
  • Digital Preservation

The winning entry will receive a €25 Amazon gift voucher and will be highlighted on the E-ARK website, in the E-ARK monthly newsletter, and across the project's social media presence. Runner-up entries will also be featured in the newsletter and social media.

Copyright for all entries must reside with the entrant and permission for free, unrestricted, non-exclusive, non-profit reuse in materials relating to the project will be deemed to have been offered to the E-ARK Project.

The closing date for entries is 31 January 2016 and all entries should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To ensure that we credit entries properly, the entrant’s name should be included in the file name of all images submitted.

E-ARK is a 3-year multinational research project co-funded by the European Commission under its ICT Policy Support Programme (PSP) within its Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

E-ARK Deliverable 7.2 has been published. This reports on the contents of the project's archiving maturity model and the results of deploying it at the project's pilot sites prior to the beginning of the pilots themselves.

This deliverable can be accessed in the Project's  Deliverables page

E-ARK Partner MinHAP (Ministerio De Hacienda Y Administraciones Publicas) has announced the release of a new web application ARCHIVE, which will operate with both files and electronic documents.

The operations it provides are:

  •    Managing a File.
  •    File Management Centers.
  •    Metadata Management Technical Standards
  •    Records Management.
  •    Transferring files between files.
  •    Recording changes in the custody of a record

ARCHIVE also provides mechanisms for reporting changes occurred in the records states, as well as various management modules (users and roles, document archives, SIA rating and / or function).

Following the OAIS model for file management, ARCHIVE covers the entire lifecycle of documents and subsequent phases of long-term archiving.

The application is in the process of publication and it is expected to be offered in the future under a EUPL license.

The full news release about this can be found at

(The release is in Spanish)

In October 2015, E-ARK Partner The DLM Forum Foundation held its Members Meeting in Luxembourg.

A number of informative presentations were given about a variety of projects, including E-ARK.

These presentations are available in PDF format by clicking here

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